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Unanticipated Benefits of iLevel® while Traveling

By Stephanie Woodward
Wednesday, April 9th, 2019

When I first learned about iLevel® technology, I dreamed of getting a chair with iLevel. I envisioned myself being able to cook comfortably on my stovetop, comfortably putting dishes away in the cupboards, and even being able to go grocery shopping without having to ask people to help me reach items. However, now that I have been using iLevel technology for a few years, I have found so many more benefits to iLevel. I especially love being at iLevel when I am traveling. Whether I am just traveling around my hometown of Rochester or I am traveling the country, here are my favorite things about being in iLevel while traveling:

  1. Rolling Around Cities
    I have been disabled all my life, so I am all too familiar with rolling around busy sidewalks where people don’t see me and suddenly run into me, trip over me or hit me in the head with the bags they’re carrying. Then, when it comes to crossing the street, I always wonder if the cars can see me. There have been plenty of times when I had the right of way to cross, but a car turning right has almost hit me because I was too low for them to see in their truck or SUV. Now, I choose to roll around at iLevel so that I know the crowds and the cars can see me.

  2. Sitting on Trains
    I am regularly in Washington, D.C., and New York City and I love using the train whenever possible. I don’t love when the trains are so crowded and we’re packed in like sardines though. Inevitably, someone standing will look forward and see an empty space in front of them and urge others to move into that space. But that space isn’t empty! It’s me – sitting in my wheelchair, but I am so low that in a packed train car no one can see me. This is when I get backpacks hitting me in the face and morning coffees spilled on my lap. However, sitting at iLevel on the train fixes this. People can see me, so they don’t try to force more people into the space I’m occupying. Plus, now that I am on the same level as others who are standing, there are no more backpacks in my face and a lot less coffees spilled on me!

  3. Rolling in Parking Garages
    I used to hate parking garages before I had iLevel because they’re tight, dark spaces and almost all the cars need to back out of their parking spaces to get out. Being so low to the ground, I cannot count the amount of times I have almost been hit by cars backing out of their spaces because the driver couldn’t see me behind their car. Now, I always roll through parking garages at iLevel so that drivers can see me, and I don’t have to worry about being run over.


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