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Our videos highlight the stories, adventures and achievements of our iLevel® power wheelchair users.

The Results Are In! Morgan is Going to 6th Grade!

It’s in the Bag! Morgan Helps with Groceries Using iLevel®

Get Your Snack On with iLevel®

No Excuses! Clean Your House with iLevel® Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

IT’S A PARTY! Bryan Prepares for a Dinner Party with iLevel®

Birthday Buffet with Stephanie Woodward

Coffee, Cats and Conversation: Interview with Andrea Dalzell

Avoid “Lap Burns” with iLevel® Technology

Bryan Anderson Does Arm Trick and We Get Tired Just Watching Him

Express Yourself! Jesse Cuellar Paints in His Studio

It’s Loads of Fun! Using iLevel® Technology to Do Laundry

Coffee, Cats & Conversation: Interview with Ryan Chalmers

Giddyup! Bryan Anderson Rides a Horse

Jesse Cuellar Paints at LA Abilities Expo

Lowering a Baby into a Playpen Using iLevel®

Don’t Get Caught…

Why is Everyone Talking About Quantum?

Can Your Wheelchair Do THIS?

Quantum Mythbusters: Is an iLevel Wheelchair Safe?

Activities in the seated position vs. at iLevel®

A Day in the Life: Stephanie Woodward


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