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Our videos highlight the stories, adventures and achievements of our iLevel® power wheelchair users.

It’s Grilling Time! Stephanie Grills at iLevel®

Thanks to iLevel®, Nothing is Out of Reach!

Curb Your Worries with iLevel®

Bryan, Get Your Gun! Trapshooting at iLevel®

Don’t ‘Waste’ Your Time… Get iLevel® Technology

Dining Out with iLevel® at the Grove Park Inn

Don’t Be Hampered! Reach Dry Cleaning with iLevel

Just Desserts’ with iLevel® at the Blue Ridge Restaurant

Tricky Transfers While Traveling? iLevel® Has You Covered

We’re Not Making This Up! Makeup at iLevel®

Scrub, Rinse, REPEAT! Bryan Anderson Does the Dishes

Hey, catch THIS! Frisbee at iLevel®

Putting Dishes Away is Easy with iLevel® Technology

Coffee, Cats and Conversation: Interview with Jessica Hunt

Elevate Your Skeeball Game with iLevel® Technology

Lights Out with iLevel® Technology

STRIKE! Adaptive Bowling with iLevel®

How Many Dogs to Change a Light Bulb?

It’s TACO TUESDAY! Tacos with iLevel®

Got iLevel? No Problem! Bryan Anderson at the U.S. Senior Open

Do What You Love! Jesse Shares His Latest Creation

Grocery Shopping is Much Easier with iLevel® Technology

Using His iLevel® Power Wheelchair in Every Day Life

Coffee, Anyone? Stephanie Uses iLevel® to Get Her Daily Caffeine Fix!

"Back Up Terry" Lights It Up!

The Results Are In! Morgan is Going to 6th Grade!

It’s in the Bag! Morgan Helps with Groceries Using iLevel®

Get Your Snack On with iLevel®

No Excuses! Clean Your House with iLevel® Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

IT’S A PARTY! Bryan Prepares for a Dinner Party with iLevel®

Birthday Buffet with Stephanie Woodward

Coffee, Cats and Conversation: Interview with Andrea Dalzell

Avoid “Lap Burns” with iLevel® Technology

Bryan Anderson Does Arm Trick and We Get Tired Just Watching Him

Express Yourself! Jesse Cuellar Paints in His Studio

It’s Loads of Fun! Using iLevel® Technology to Do Laundry

Coffee, Cats & Conversation: Interview with Ryan Chalmers

Giddyup! Bryan Anderson Rides a Horse

Jesse Cuellar Paints at LA Abilities Expo

Lowering a Baby into a Playpen Using iLevel®

Don’t Get Caught…

Why is Everyone Talking About Quantum?

Can Your Wheelchair Do THIS?

Quantum Mythbusters: Is an iLevel Wheelchair Safe?

Activities in the seated position vs. at iLevel®

A Day in the Life: Stephanie Woodward


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