4Front Power Base Accessories

Interceptor Battery

Interceptor Batteries

Go further. Ride with confidence. Experience the best of both worlds. Better range with long battery life!

  • Up to 3 extra miles additional range! *
  • Gel/AGM hybrid battery
  • Airline approved
  • Available in NF-22, Group 34, and Group 24

*Individual results may vary based on charging, use and battery age.

LED Fender Lights

LED fender lights

Standard switch-operated LED fender lights offer great benefits and features for increased visibility. With lighting mounted to the fender, above the drive tire on each side, fender lights help ensure that you can see and be seen.

  • Slim-line fender integration for ultimate compactness and durability
  • Ultra-bright, long-life LEDs allow optimal user visibility at night
  • White front lighting and red rear tail lighting
  • Positioning of lights increases pedestrian visibility from a wide range of angles

Drive Wheel Accent Colors

Drive wheel accent colors

  • Match your base, back, and controller shrouds or choose a different color for a unique look
  • Available in all color options
  • Standard on the 4Front®

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