Company History

Quantum Rehab® manufactures consumer-inspired, industry-leading power wheelchairs to increase the medical comfort, daily functionality and quality of life for those with comprehensive mobility needs. High-performance, innovation-driven and consumer-focused, Quantum's products are designed to optimally meet clinical needs and maximize real-world independence.

Quantum History - Year 2019 - The launch of the Edge 3


Quantum launches the new, an engaging and empowering online community for our iLevel users.

Quantum History - Year 2018 - The launch of the Edge 3


The launch of the Edge 3 with industry-first 4.5 mph iLevel® at 12” of lift is part of Quantum’s continuing mission to revolutionize the power chair experience. Quantum also launches Interactive Assist, an app which provides a direct real-time connection from a power chair’s electronics to a provider’s programming station, to reduce service visits.

Quantum History - Year 2017 - iLevel® technology is upgraded to allow up to 12


Quantum's revolutionary iLevel® technology is upgraded to allow up to 12" of lift at 3.5 mph with standard LED fender lights. The Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control System is also released, offering a user-friendly and highly customizable expandable control system. Plus, Quantum launches the 4Front®, a front-wheel drive chair with automotive-grade SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) and CASE (Caster Angle Sensor Encoder) technology for unmatched driving performance and ride quality.

Quantum History - Year 2016 - Quantum Rehab is granted a patent


Quantum Rehab is granted a patent directed to performance and safety features included in the iLevel® elevating power chair and continues to create high-end complex rehabilitation solutions.

Quantum History - Year 2015 - iLevel technology on the new Q6 Edge 2.0 power chair


Quantum launches revolutionary iLevel® technology on the new Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Chair. iLevel is the first power-elevating seating system that allows standing-height operation at 10" of lift at up to 3.5 mph. This consumer-inspired technology changes lives by allowing elevated mobility to access environments and social settings in ways previously inaccessible. iLevel literally opens up a world of new heights for power chair users.

Quantum History - Year 2014 - Stealth Products


Quantum acquires Stealth Products®, a complex rehab leader in seating systems, positioning components, alternative drive controls, and pediatric products. Stealth's industry-leading products, such as the I-Drive head array, increase access to independent mobility for those with the most comprehensive needs.

Quantum History - Year 2013 - TRU-Balance 3 Power Positioning Systems


The revolutionary TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems launches, delivering tailor-made complex rehab seating solutions. Also released is the adaptable, expandable Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System that serves even the most intricate needs while delivering a host of exclusive features.

Quantum History - Year 2012 - Quantum Rival


The Rival® rugged rear-wheel drive power chair is introduced, providing exceptional outdoor performance. The addition of the Quantum 1450 expands the company's bariatric product offerings.

Quantum History - Year 2011 - Quantum Rival


TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems 500 lbs. HD Power Tilt is released (later increasing to a 600 lbs. weight capacity), offering power positioning to a greater number of people

Quantum History - Year 2010 - Q6 Edge


Quantum Rehab launches the next generation of Q6 Power Chairs with the Q6 Edge®, the most versatile, consumer-inspired complex rehab power chair to date.

Quantum History - Year 2009 - Accu-Trac


Quantum Rehab delivers a year of product advancements including the introduction of the Synergy Spectrum® Air Cushion and Accu-Trac Advanced Tracking Technology.

Quantum History - Year 2008 - Q614


Quantum Rehab adds the Q614 power chair to the Q6 Series and begins offering power lift-and-tilt on TRU-Balance Power Positioning Systems.

Quantum History - Year 2007 - Q6000Z


The Q6000Z mid-wheel drive power chair and R-4000 rear-wheel drive power chair launch, expanding Quantum's power chair offerings.

Quantum History - Year 2006 - Litestream XF


TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems Pediatric Power Tilt launches, expanding Quantum's complex rehab solutions with true pediatric offerings.

Quantum History - Year 2005 - Q-Logic Drive Control System


The fully programmable Q-Logic Drive Control System is released and is packed with unique features that provide users with more functionality and information than ever before. The Q6000 power chair is also added to the Quantum Rehab Q6 Series.

Quantum History - Year 2004 - Mid-Wheel 6 Design - Quantum 600


Expanding upon the mid-wheel-drive power chair design that revolutionized the industry, the Mid-Wheel 6® Design platform is developed. This innovative new design provides maximum stability and true all-around performance.

Quantum History - Year 2003 - TRU-Balance Power Tilt on Quantum Jazzy 1122


TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems launches and is the most innovative, versatile and easily adjustable power seating systems.

Quantum History - Year 2002 - Synergy Manual Tilt


Synergy® Seating Solutions, including the Synergy cushion line, is introduced.

Quantum History - Year 2001 - Quantum Blast


Quantum launches the pursuit of additional rehab oriented power bases, including the Blast, a very successful rear-wheel drive format power chair.

Quantum History - Year 2000 - Quantum Jazzy 1420


Pride Mobility Products Corporation® forms Quantum Rehab®, a company dedicated to those clients with highly specialized and advanced rehab needs. Quantum Rehab combines innovative power bases with the most advanced, cutting edge rehab seating and electronics available.