Our videos highlight our power wheelchairs, including the Stretto, Edge®3 and 4Front® 2 motorized wheelchairs. See our electric wheelchairs navigate real world conditions. Watch informational videos on the clinical benefits of iLevel® power adjustable seat height and listen to therapist reviews on our mobility chairs. Plus, get the scoop on our electronics, wheelchair cushions and more!

TRU-Balance 4 with Anterior Lift Playlist

It's the NEXT generation!

Go Where You Want to Go with the Stretto! (Morgan)

FEATURING…the New Quantum® Backup Camera

Look Behind You!

For All of Us: the 30th Anniversary of the ADA

We’ve Got the Solution for Narrow, Tight Quarters!

Edge 3 Stretto: Color Us Impressed!

Connecting to Interactive Assist with Q-Logic 3 Joystick

Stretto: Narrow Width is Only the Beginning!

Cutting-Edge Technology

Switching Between Bluetooth® Devices Using Q-Logic 3

How to Connect Bluetooth® to a Windows Computer or Tablet

Bluetooth to Android Device

How to Connect Bluetooth® to an iPhone or iPad

Don't Get Caught...

Why is Everyone Talking About Quantum?

Can Your Wheelchair Do THIS?

Quantum Mythbusters: Is an iLevel Wheelchair Safe?

The Edge 3: For the Most Advanced Power Chair Experience Ever

Quantum Experiences are Made in America

Clinical Benefits of iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height

iLevel Features Extra Stability Technology

Clinicians Love the All New Q-Logic 3 from Quantum Rehab

Activities in the seated position vs. at iLevel

A Day in the Life: Stephanie Woodward

Inception of iLevel®: How Consumer Feedback Inspired Quantum Rehab®’s New Power Chair