Jazzy® Power Chairs with Synergy® Seating

Two Jazzy® Power Chair models are available with Synergy® seating: the Jazzy® 600 ES and the Jazzy® 614 HD.

The Synergy® Seating System offers a clean, streamlined appearance and unparalleled ease of adjustment. The seating system’s unique user-friendly design allows for adjustments to be made quickly and easily in the field. The Synergy Seat interfaces with most types of seat and back cushions.

Features include:

  • Easily adjustable and versatile design that can grow with the client
  • Easy customization
  • Several width/depth adjustment packages ranging from 10” to 24”
  • Accepts a wide variety of after-market seats and backs

Jazzy 600 ES Jazzy 600 ES

Jazzy® 600 ES

The Jazzy® 600 ES with Synergy® seating has 14-inch drive wheels and independent casters that handle terrain changes easily. It includes aggressive precision, a tight turning radius and a flawless design. *Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments.

Learn more about the Jazzy 600 ES with Synergy seating.

Jazzy 614 HD Jazzy 614 HD

Jazzy® 614 HD

Power and precision combine into one exceptional power chair! The Jazzy 614 HD with Synergy® seating features outstanding suspension and a tight turning radius. Large drive wheels and 6-inch casters tackle uneven terrain.

Learn more about the Jazzy 614 HD with Synergy seating.

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