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Campaign for Coverage - Over 1600 customers are already enjoying the benefits of iLevel

iLevel is Getting Funded:


ALS Association


Assistive Device Program (ADP) in Canada

Automobile Accident Coverage

Beaumont Health

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Plus

California Children's Services

Care Source

Care First



Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)

Emblem Health

Gateway Medical Assistance

Gateway Medicare Assured

Geisinger Healthplan

Harvard Pilgrim

Health First Health Plans

Health Partners



Highmark Medicare

Highmark PPO


Kaiser Permanente

Martin's Point

MDA Association


Medicare Managed Care Plan

Michigan No Fault Auto



Providence Health Plan

Sanford Healthplan

State Farm Catastrophic Coverage

State Medicaid: Alabama Medicaid

State Medicaid: Arkansas Medicaid

State Medicaid: Connecticut Medicaid

State Medicaid: Illinois Medicaid

State Medicaid: NC Medicaid

State Medicaid: Ohio Medicaid

State Medicaid: Pennsylvania Medicaid

State Medicaid: Texas Medicaid

State Medicaid: Utah Medicaid

State Medicaid HMO

State Medicaid Managed Care Plans


United Healthcare

UPMC Commercial

UPMC for Life

UPMC for You

UPMC Health Plan

Veterans Affairs

Vocational Rehab Services

Waiver Programs

Workman’s Compensation

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Funding for iLevel® Technology

Power seat elevation is a feature that can dramatically increase the quality of life for power chair users. From in the home to school to the workplace to in the community, a power elevating seat can help make life safer for users, make social interactions more fulfilling, and give users access to common areas of their home.

Quantum® iLevel® elevating seat technology is unique in that it’s user-inspired, where not only does it elevate, but it stabilizes the power chair for safe operation at walking speed. For users, this means being able to grocery shop while elevated; this means navigating crowds at eye level; this means accessing high-top tables in restaurants; and, this means strolling the walking path with your partner, arm-in-arm. Of course, simply being able to adjust the seat height, with added stability, makes transfers safer.

Indeed, there are so many access, safety, and quality-of-life benefits to iLevel® seat elevation that some insurers and other resources will fund it. Here are resources available to help you fund this life-changing technology.

Overcoming Obstacles - Overcoming the funding obstacles.

Fact or Fiction

FICTION: “Nobody” pays for power adjustable seat height
FICTION: Adding iLevel® will delay your order

FACT: The VA, Workman’s Comp., Vocational Rehab Programs, Medicaid and Commercial Payors (including Medicare and Medicaid replacement plans) will consider funding for power adjustable seat height on a case by case basis when it is shown to be essential for:

  • Transfers
  • Reach
  • Access
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • and/or to Support identified vocational and educational goals

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about iLevel Power Chairs.

My insurance company denied my request for a power wheelchair with iLevel®. What do I do?

If the third-party payor denies your request for powered mobility (or a power wheelchair with iLevel®) make certain they explain WHY they denied the request as you have appeal rights. It is possible they did not receive sufficient detailed information as to WHY you need to use this feature, exactly HOW it benefits you and WHEN you will use it throughout the day.

It will be important to show what you are NOT able to do, or need help doing at a low, static seat height and then also document what you ARE able to do with the seat elevated, and at what height. This may include transferring to/from the chair, reaching items that are overhead, being able to make your needs known without causing pain in your neck as you look up to try and communicate with others, etc.


Get iLevel® through CareCredit

Many of Quantum’s providers offer financing* through CareCredit. The CareCredit healthcare credit card allows you to say "yes" to iLevel® and pay for it in convenient monthly payments that fit your budget. Click on the banner to learn more and apply today!

*Subject to credit approval.

Raising Money - How you can raise money for iLevel.

At present, not all insurance companies cover iLevel® technology. At Quantum Rehab, we believe that the seat elevation and stability features of iLevel® are simply revolutionary and provide unique benefits that will enhance your mobility and your independence. Some consumers have turned to fundraising to absorb the cost of iLevel®. One approach to fundraising is called “crowd funding” where people in need of help reach out online to request support from a large group. One such program, (not affiliated with Quantum Rehab in any way) works like this…

Popular Crowd Funding Web Sites:

Go Fund Me
You Caring

About Quantum Rehab

Quantum Rehab® was born out of the desire to delight customers with the most advanced, consumer-inspired complex rehab power wheelchairs and related technologies possible.

At Quantum, consumer needs and wishes are the driving force. We’re dedicated to not just meeting medical and clinical needs, but also quality-of-life needs. From the most advanced power seating for pressure management to USB ports, Bluetooth and fender lights, no consumer need is overlooked.

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