How to Clean Your Motorized Wheelchair

Your Quantum® power wheelchair is a sophisticated piece of equipment. Like any motorized vehicle, it requires routine maintenance checks to ensure it delivers consistent, trouble-free performance. Some of these checks can be completed by the power wheelchair user, while other checks need to be completed by your authorized Quantum provider. Preventative electric wheelchair maintenance is important.

Always charge your batteries fully after you are done using your power wheelchair for the day. Read more about properly charging the batteries on your electric wheelchair.

Wipe down the seat and frame of your wheelchair with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or chemicals to clean your electric wheelchair. Do not use lubricants on your power wheelchair. These kinds of solvents can cause damage to the electronics on your wheelchair.

Immediately clean up moisture and spills. Learn what to do if your electric wheelchair encounters moisture.

Daily Motorized Wheelchair Checks

  • With the controller turned off, check the joystick. Make sure it is not bent or damaged and that it returns to the neutral position when you release it. Visually inspect the rubber boot around the base of the joystick to check for damage. If you find damage, do not handle it or repair it. Contact your provider for assistance
  • Check the controller harness. Make sure it is not frayed or cut and ensure that no wires are exposed. See your provider if there is a problem
  • Check your solid tires for flat spots, as these can adversely affect stability
  • Inspect the seating system, armrests and front foot riggings for loose hardware, stress points or damage. See your provider if you find a problem

Weekly Electric Wheelchair Checks

  • Disconnect and inspect the controller from the power base
  • Ensure all parts of the controller system are securely fastened to your power wheelchair. Do not overtighten any screws
  • Check your tires for proper inflation. Pneumatic tires should be inflated to the proper psi/bar/kPa air pressure rating indicated on each tire. If the tire does not hold air, contact your provider for replacing the tube
  • Check the brakes. This test should be carried out on a level surface with at least three feet of clearance around your motorized wheelchair

How to Check Your Electric Wheelchair Brakes

  • Turn on the controller and turn down the speed level of your power wheelchair
  • After one second, check the battery condition meter. Make sure it remains on
  • Slowly push the joystick forward until you hear the electric brakes click. Immediately release the joystick
  • You must be able to hear each electric brake operating within a few seconds of moving the joystick. Repeat this test three times, pushing the wheelchair joystick backward, then left, then right

Monthly Motorized Wheelchair Checks

  • Ensure that the anti-tip wheels do not rub the ground when you operate your electric wheelchair
  • Check for wear on the drive tires and caster wheels. See your provider for repairs.
  • Check the caster forks for damage or fluttering, which indicates that they need to be adjusted or the bearings need to be replaced. See your provider for repairs
  • Check your entire power wheelchair for loose hardware and changes in function or performance
  • Keep your electric wheelchair clean and free of foreign material, such as mud, dirt, hair, food, drink, etc.
  • Visually inspect spring shocks and gas dampers for any abnormality, structural damage or bent rods. See your provider for repairs.

Yearly Electric Wheelchair Checks

  • Take your power wheelchair to your Quantum provider for yearly maintenance, especially if you use your electric wheelchair daily. This ensures that your power wheelchair is functioning properly and helps prevent future complications