What Do Electric Wheelchairs Weigh?

There are many different types of electric wheelchairs, and as is the case with most items, some models weigh more than others. This is especially true with complex rehab power chairs because they are customized.

Seating systems add significant weight to a motorized wheelchair as they are a major component of the chair. TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems from Quantum Rehab® feature an innovative design that maximizes functional independence while providing an appealing look and feel. Available configurations include iLevel® with 12 inches of power adjustable seat height, power tilt, power recline, static seating, and manual recline.

Foot rigging options are another source of an electric wheelchair’s weight. Quantum offers a wide variety of foot rigging options including an articulating foot platform, articulating leg rests, swing-away leg rests, elevating leg rests, base-mounted foot platform, drop-in leg rests, and an adjustable center mount foot platform. Some of the choices will make the chair heavier than others.

What wheelchair would be complete without accessories? Add-ons such as a cup holder, glove box, backpack, and vent tray add additional weight to a power chair.

Due to these variations, major components of a motorized wheelchair must be selected before an estimated overall weight can be provided. It is a good idea to have an estimated overall weight of a power wheelchair before your order it for transport reasons. The weight of an electric wheelchair plays a crucial role in compatible vehicle lifts, ramps, accessible vans, and even sometimes public transportation.

Every Quantum Power Chair is weighed in production after it has been built. This way, the overall weight of the power wheelchair can be easily identified in the future just by a Quantum Product Support Technician running the product’s serial number in the company’s database.

When searching for ways to transport your power chair, such as a vehicle lift, it is crucial to understand how batteries, additional accessories, and specialized seating can contribute to the weight. Be sure to check the weight capacity of any vehicle lift to make sure it is compatible with your power chair.