What Wheelchair Accessories Can I Get?

Wheelchair users spend much of their time in their motorized wheelchair. Not only is it important that the wheelchair meets a user’s medical needs, but the wheelchair should also help maximize the user’s independence and quality of life. Quantum electric wheelchairs offer an array of accessory options to enhance a user’s lifestyle.

The Edge 3 Stretto® Power Chair comes standard with a few accessories to help enhance the consumer experience. LED front and rear fender lights help consumers see and be seen. The lights are ultra-bright and long lasting and are integrated above each drive wheel on the motorized wheelchair for ultimate compactness and durability. The fender lights are great for safely crossing streets or parking lots at night. The fender lights can be used around the home, offering visibility at night when toileting. LED fender lights also come standard with iLevel, the Edge 3, 4Front® 2 and the Q6 Edge® Z.

Electric wheelchair users can also power their electronic devices while on the go with the USB charger, which comes standard on the Stretto and Edge 3 Power Wheelchairs. This USB charger plugs conveniently into the controller of the power wheelchair for easy access.

There are many other wheelchair accessories that are available on TRU-Balance® 3 and TRU-Balance® 3 HD seating systems. TRU-Balance 3 is compatible with most Quantum electric wheelchair power bases. If a user selects TRU-Balance 3 as their seating system, a complimentary cupholder is included. Users can also choose to add additional accessories for total customization of their power chair. Some of the accessories are medically based, such as the trilogy vent tray, transfer bars, and the oxygen holder.

Other wheelchair accessories available on TRU-Balance 3 offer storage options, such as the glove box and the Quantum backpack. There are also hooks and holders that can be attached to the power chair, allowing users to hang their own items, such as the personal item hook, the rear accessory bar, and the backpack holders. Plus, users can easily operate their electronic devices while on the go with the tablet holder and phone holder accessories.

Quantum is dedicated to revolutionizing the power chair experience by offering a wide selection of wheelchair accessories to meet consumer’s medical and quality-of-life needs. To purchase accessories or obtain pricing information, contact your authorized Quantum provider.