Interactive Assist to the Rescue

By: Joseph “J.B.” Radabaugh, CTRS, ATP/SMS, Clinical Education Manager

If you have worked with team members from Quantum Rehab in the last year, you might have heard of Interactive Assist. What is Interactive Assist? More importantly, what can it do and how can it benefit my clients and myself?

There are many ways that Quantum’s Interactive Assist app can be utilized to increase efficiency and client outcomes throughout the complex rehab technology assessment, evaluation, trial/simulation, delivery/fitting and of course follow ups. How do you do that? Really, you only need a compatible smart phone or tablet with internet and Bluetooth access. Of course, you must also download the app.

So, what in the world is Interactive Assist? Long story short: it is a way to perform programming and diagnostics from a remote location. This means you can perform programming, see if there are power chair malfunctions, view and change power wheelchair parameters from an offsite location. Call it an information highway. It is similar to when you have IT remote into your work computer to update some software or change some settings. Really, we are providing the ability for individuals to perform programming changes without having experienced programmers with you and the client in the same location.

Let’s say you potentially see the need for updating the power wheelchair programming parameters while you are treating that client. Oops… your ATP or manufacturer representative isn’t there! Should you schedule another time for them to come out and make the programming changes? Or you can use Interactive Assist to aid in programming at a time that best supports your clinical schedule.

Let’s say you are with your client and you keep getting a fault code on the power chair and it won’t let you drive it. Simply open the Interactive Assist app and follow instructions to connect with a Quantum technician. They can see what the problem is and help you through the next steps.

What I think is the coolest part about Interactive Assist is the versatility of the programming and diagnostic capabilities available. Whether you are a therapist, a dealer, client, or technician, there is potential for increased access to information from a distance that has never been achieved in the complex rehab power mobility market. The goal is to use the technology to increase your efficiency. For more information on Interactive Assist and its capabilities, please reach out to your local Quantum representative or simply email us at