Edge® 3 SRS Suspension

Edge® 3 Motorized Wheelchair with optional 4.5 mph iLevel®

There's Only One...SRS

SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) is a superior automotive-grade power chair suspension developed after two years of research and consumer feedback.

On the Edge® 3 Motorized Wheelchair, SRS consists of three coil-over, gas-charged shocks that provide an ultra-smooth and quiet ride. The geometry in which the shocks are built into the base of the power chair allows for independent caster and wheel travel.

With unprecedented comfort and ride quality, SRS delivers exceptional driving performance over multiple terrains. Additionally, SRS adds stability to optional iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height on the Edge® 3 Motorized Wheelchair.

When you want a smooth, comfortable ride, unmatched performance and advanced stability, there’s only one choice: SRS.

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