Chanry So

Chanry So - Master Chef

Chanry So Chanry So is an artist. The only thing that separates her from a world-famous painter like Pablo Picasso is her medium of expression: instead of watercolors and brushes, she uses food and kitchen utensils to create her masterpieces.

"Being creative doesn't come easily to everyone," Chanry said. "Each person has his or her own way of doing it. For me, it's cooking."

Born in Cambodia, Chanry, 39, currently resides in Rock Hill, S.C. She has limb girdle muscular dystrophy and uses a Q6 Edge® Power Chair from Quantum Rehab® to help with her mobility. The Q6 Edge helps Chanry get around her kitchen and engage in one of her favorite activities more easily.

"The Q6 Edge gives me greater physical reach in the kitchen," Chanry said. "I can elevate my seat and easily access areas like the stove or countertops. I can also lift the arms out of the way without having them hit the cabinets. This gives me the freedom I need to gather ingredients and more."

Chanry also likes the fact that she can get in and out of the chair on her own and assume a standing position, which facilitates transfers.

Chanry's mother, Sary, often helps her with the physical parts of the cooking process, but the recipes come from Chanry herself.

"I love to eat, but I'm particular about what I consume," Chanry said. "That's how I developed an interest in cooking and creating new dishes. My mom used to cook, so she and I make a great team."

Chanry says she does not have a signature dish; instead, she prefers to experiment with different recipes.

"I just love coming up with new ideas," Chanry said. "Being adventurous and creative is what makes cooking so much fun for me."

Chanry also does advocacy work for the Charlotte, N.C., chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), speaking at events and helping with fundraising.

"The MDA needs someone to put a name and face to their fundraising endeavors," Chanry said. "I'm happy to be that person."

In addition to her cooking and advocacy work, Chanry enjoys spending time with her family, which also consists of her father, Ngorn, her sister, Chanra, and her brother, Richard.

"My mother and father help me with various things on a daily basis," Chanry said. "And my whole family gives me all the love and support I could ever hope to have."

All in all, Chanry is doing what she wants to do, and it's largely thanks to her Q6 Edge.

"I love the look of this chair, and I get a lot of compliments on it," Chanry said. "But most importantly, thanks to my Edge, I can still do the things I really enjoy."

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