Lisa Gilland

Lisa Gilland - Offering a helping hand

Lisa GillandFrom working with children to taking walks, Lisa Gilland is a busy person. So when the 29-year-old woman from Borden, Ind. needed a new power wheelchair, she made sure to obtain one that can keep up with her active lifestyle.

Lisa, who has cerebral palsy, got a Q6 Edge® Power Chair from Quantum Rehab® last December. She immediately noticed it can do a lot of things her previous power chairs could not. She chose her chair to be in Pink Pearl - one of 18 colors available on the Edge - because pink is her favorite color.

"I like how the chair goes from a flat surface to a really rough surface a whole lot easier because of the suspension," Lisa said of her Edge. "The ride is a lot easier and I don't feel bumps in it like I did in my old chair."

Lisa also found that her Edge has a tighter turning radius than her prior chairs. This is especially helpful to Lisa as she volunteers five days a week as a teacher's helper at Georgetown Elementary School, where her mother, Patricia, is a teacher, and needs to maneuver in and out of narrow classroom aisles. Lisa goes to different classrooms at the school and works one-on-one with students who need extra help with reading or math.

"I like doing volunteer work," Lisa said. "It's fun and my chair allows me to keep up with the students. I like to go fast in it. Sometimes the children ask me why I am in a chair and I explain to them simply at their level that my muscles don't work properly. There are no students in the school who are in a chair, so I think they can also learn from my disability."

Lisa GillandIn addition, Lisa says she enjoys the TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems Power Tilt and Recline on her Edge, noting she has never had power positioning before even though she is in a chair all of the time. Lisa explains she had manual tilt and recline on her last chair and that it often kicked out of place when she moved the chair.

"Now I can actually use and benefit from my tilt and recline," Lisa said. "It makes it fun to go and just sit and read, sing or watch television - things I could never do comfortably before. It takes the pressure off my bottom and back very well, too. The kids at school also think it's cool when I kick back."

Lisa's puppy, a Miniature Dachshund named Prince, also likes his owner's Edge. He usually prefers to sit in a special pouch attached to Lisa and ride with her rather than walking on his leash with Lisa's mom.

"He's spoiled," Lisa said of her dog with a laugh. "He lies back in the chair with me. Even he knows how wonderful my Edge is."

Lisa highly recommends the Q6 Edge to anyone who wants a high-performing chair.

"It's a very comfortable chair and is very convenient," Lisa said. "It has changed my life."

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