Marc Stecker

Marc Stecker

Marc SteckerFor Marc Stecker, 46, having a power chair that lets him keep up with the frenetic pace of the Big Apple is crucial. Marc, who was born and currently resides in New York City, has always been used to the fast pace that is NYC, which is why the Q6000Z couldn't be a better fit for him. "I chose the "Z" because of its high speed motor package. Four miles an hour would not work in New York. I would get run over," said Marc. "The high speed of 8 miles an hour is perfect for getting around the city safely." The Q6000Z has drastically expanded Marc's mobility and started the ripple effect of enhancing his life as well.

Marc's "Z" has truly been a life changer and enhancer. Before getting it, he could only painfully walk half a block from his apartment, which wasn't far enough to get him to Central Park, one of his favorite places to go. He has explored parts of the park that most people can't even get to. "When my wife goes to Central Park with me, she gets jealous sometimes that I can get to places she can't," joked Marc.

Marc did not always depend on a power chair to get around his city. While on a walk with his dog in 2003, after about two miles, Marc noticed he was limping. At first he thought nothing of it until it kept occurring during his walks. After an MRI, Marc was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS), the rarest form of MS.

Marc had been employed by Sony Music Studios from 1999 until January 2007 when his condition made it necessary to leave. He was Director of DVD Production for Sony Music Studios, and oversaw a department that produced over 600 concert and music video DVDs under his direction. He even has the platinum record from Pearl Jam's 2000 Tour DVD framed and hung on his apartment wall.

For Christmas 2008, Marc's wife, Karen, gave him a camera with a twisty tripod that can be mounted to the arm of his "Z." Marc decided to document living with a power chair in New York. The videos became an eye opener for friends and relatives and they recommended that he put them on the web. As a result, Marc became the "Wheelchair Kamikaze" and launched a blog with the same name. Originally intended just as a place to host the videos, the blog gained popularity and evolved into "Wheelchair Kamikaze: The Rants, Ruminations, and Reflections of a Mad MS Patient."

"Ironically, MS has gotten me back to doing the things that were my core personality when I was a young adult," said Marc. "The disease has allowed me to concentrate on videos, photos and writing for myself. Since starting my blog, it's the first time I have really been able to write again since I was much younger and it is something I have always loved doing. I hope in some small way my blog is a benefit to others." The large amount of correspondence he receives from around the world would indicate that it certainly is.

Despite having MS, Marc, the Wheelchair Kamikaze, can still do the things he loves capturing a beautiful picture, shooting his trips around the city or reaching others with his blog. Thanks to his Quantum 6000Z he can get it all done in a New York minute.

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