P.J. Reynolds

P.J. Reynolds - Keeping Tradition Alive

P.J. Reynolds If you want to have a conversation with P.J. Reynolds, there are two topics that are sure to engage him: his Native American heritage and the color orange. P.J., who is from Quaker Hill, Conn., is a member of the Mohegan tribe, and he takes every opportunity to celebrate his culture-while wearing orange.

Keeping with the theme of his orange wardrobe, P.J., who has cerebellar ataxia, uses a Q6 Edge® Power Chair from Quantum Rehab® in Sunburst Orange. The 29-year-old says the chair's stylish look is just one of the many great things about it.

"My Q6 Edge looks great, but it's also great for my mobility," P.J. said. "No matter where I am, it makes it much easier to get around. It is particularly handy at work, and the chair's recline feature helps relieve the pressure on my back."

P.J. is equally comfortable staying at home or being out and about. He frequents the Mohegan Sun casino as well as Dave and Buster's, and his Edge helps him get to those places without hassle.

"I love that this chair is so adaptable to my needs," P.J. said. "I don't know exactly what I'm going to be doing each day, so it's good to know that this chair can handle anything."

P.J. was so impressed with the Q6 Edge that he and his mother, Lori, accepted an invitation to tour the Quantum facility earlier this year. During their visit, they learned more about the manufacturing and inspection process as well as the products themselves.

"When we visited, we met with people in the company's different departments," P.J. said. "Everybody was so nice and helpful, not to mention great at what they do."

P.J. works as a clerk for the Mohegan tribal government, doing everything from scanning old paperwork and newspapers for its electronic database to organizing things within the cultural department.

"I work three days a week," P.J. said. "The job isn't too demanding, and it keeps me busy. Plus, there's always a familiar face there."

P.J. is referring to his younger sister, Kelly, 26, who is his supervisor. He also has an older brother, Keyth, who is 31.

In his spare time, P.J. does plenty of things related to Native American culture, such as making dreamcatchers and attending pow-wows.

"The pow-wows are always fun," P.J. said. "My family and my culture are both very important to me, and these gatherings bring both of them together."

Regardless of what the day brings, P.J. is determined to keep his tribe's traditions alive and make his life as fulfilling as possible.

"My Native American heritage has shaped who I am, and that's why I work so hard to preserve my tribe's culture," P.J. said. "Whenever I'm faced with an important decision, I look to my ancestors for guidance, and I always find the courage to move forward. That's my Edge."

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