Benefits of a Rear-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

During the process of choosing a motorized wheelchair, an Assistant Technology Professional (ATP) works closely with your therapist to decide which power wheelchair is best suited for your medical needs. Drive wheel configuration needs to be considered when choosing an electric wheelchair base. The three options are front-wheel, rear-wheel and mid-wheel drive and each has their own benefits. Your therapist and ATP can perform an evaluation to determine which electric wheelchair drive wheel configuration best suits you.

Rear-wheel drive motorized wheelchairs offer many benefits to users. Rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are equipped with two large drive wheels on the back of the base, and two casters on the front of the wheelchair base. The placement of the drive wheels is the source of the electric wheelchair’s power. This extra power is ideal for more aggressive outdoor terrain. Plus, rear-wheel drive has more power to propel the wheelchair forward in softer terrain. A rear-wheel power wheelchair handles grade changes more easily to provide a smoother ride. Typically, rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are equipped with independent suspension or shock absorbers on all wheels to ensure a more comfortable ride experience.

Another advantage of a rear-wheel electric wheelchair is that it provides excellent control. With a rear-wheel drive configuration, motorized wheelchairs turn slower, giving the user ample time to adjust their joystick to successfully complete the turn.

Rear-wheel drive configuration provides excellent stability. The base on a rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair is larger, and the weight of the chair is focused where the drive wheels are located.

With enhanced control, a smoother ride and greater stability, rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs can benefit many individuals. If your ATP and therapist think that a rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair is a good choice to meet your needs, consider the Quantum® Rival® Power Wheelchair. With a compact design and rugged rear-wheel drive, the Rival motorized wheelchair accepts a complete range of rehab seating, positioning and electronic options. Plus, the Rival is equipped with two suspension packages and delivers exceptional performance outdoors. This rugged electric wheelchair drives at speeds up to 6 mph, with the option to upgrade to a high-speed 8 mph motor package. the Rival motorized wheelchair features 14-inch drive wheels and is compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems. This power wheelchair has a sliding battery tray for easy access and is available with Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System. Users can also choose to add optional drive wheel color accents to their Rival electric wheelchair to make it truly unique.