Power Wheelchair Battery Care and Disposal

The batteries are the heart of your power wheelchair. If they stop working, the chair won’t run or move. If you want your power chair to run optimally for as long as possible, it is important that you take good care of the batteries inside.

All Quantum Rehab® power wheelchairs, including the Edge 3 Stretto® Narrow Wheelchair, require two batteries. The batteries are one of your chair’s electrical components, in addition to the controller assembly and motors. They can be found on the power base assembly.

Always use two batteries of the exact same type, chemistry, and amp hour (Ah) capacity. Always replace both batteries at the same time and do not mix old and new batteries. If you don’t know which type of batteries your motorized wheelchair requires, please refer to specifications table in your owner’s manual and in the manual supplied with the battery charger for recommended type and capacities.

Always contact your Quantum Rehab Provider if you have any questions regarding the batteries in your power chair and if they need to be serviced or replaced.

Handling Your Narrow Power Wheelchair’s Batteries

The battery posts, terminals, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds. Be sure to wear goggles and gloves when handling batteries and wash your hands after. Power chair batteries are heavy. If you are unable to lift that much weight, be sure to get help. Use proper lifting techniques and avoid lifting beyond your capacity.

Storing Your Power Wheelchair’s Batteries

If you do not plan on using your narrow motorized wheelchair for an extended period, fully charge the batteries prior to storage. Disconnect the battery harnesses and store the power chair in a warm, dry environment. Avoid temperature extremes, such as freezing and excessively hot conditions, and never attempt to charge a frozen battery. A cold or frozen battery should be warmed for several days prior to recharging.

Failure to regularly charge your batteries or failure to charge them to their full capacity before storing may result in permanent damage. This can cause unreliable performance and limited service life. It is recommended that you charge the batteries periodically throughout periods of prolonged storage to ensure proper performance. Read more on how often you should charge your power wheelchair batteries.

Power Wheelchair Battery Disposal

Your narrow wheelchair's batteries must be disposed of according to applicable local and national statutory regulations. Contact your local waste disposal agency or Quantum Rehab Provider for information on proper disposal of batteries.

Narrow Wheelchair Battery Replacement

The batteries in your power chair should only be serviced or replaced by an authorized Quantum Rehab Provider or a qualified technician. They can find step-by-step instructions on how to replace your narrow motorized wheelchair’s batteries in your owner’s manual. Some other factors they will want to keep in mind are to not replace batteries when seat is occupied, and to keep tools and other metal objects away from the battery terminals. Any contact with tools can cause electrical shock.

If you do not know who your provider is, you can send us an email, chat live with a representative on our website or call our Consumer Services Center to speak with one of our friendly representatives that would be happy to assist you in finding out who your provider is.

Whether you are storing your power wheelchair and its batteries, disposing of them, or just getting them replaced, it is important to implement good care habits so that your batteries will last for a long time, and to ensure that your power chair will run smoothly.