Power Wheelchairs for Quadriplegics

Quadriplegia is partial or total paralysis or loss of use of all four limbs and the torso caused by an illness or injury. Typically, both sensation and control are lost. Muscles may be flaccid or spastic.

Many living with quadriplegia require a power wheelchair that can accept a full range of seating, positioning and electronics options. The Edge 3 electric wheelchair is designed to accept full seating and positioning components to meet mobility needs. The Edge 3 motorized wheelchair is available with optional iLevel® power adjustable seat height, allowing the users to elevate 12 inches and drive at 4.5 mph. iLevel’s Extra Stability Technology® greatly improves daily functionality and quality of life for quadriplegics, enabling them to complete Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADLs), such as cooking, grooming, reaching and transferring. The Edge 3 power wheelchair also comes standard with LED fender lights, allowing users to see and be safely seen while crossing streets and parking lots.

Some quadriplegics may have minimal use of their hands and may benefit from Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls, an adaptable, expandable controller system that maximizes user independence. Standard with Bluetooth®, individuals living with quadriplegia can operate their smart phone or tablet using their Q-Logic 3 screen. With the Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display, quadriplegia patients can also operate a wide range of appliances that use infrared (IR) remote controls using their power wheelchair controller.

An individual living with quadriplegia may need power positioning on his or her motorized wheelchair. TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems maximizes functional independence and has the ability for quick and easy fine-tuning of adjustments for maximum comfort. Available configurations on electric wheelchairs include power tilt, power recline, iLevel power elevating seat, static seating, contoured seating and manual recline.

To help with skin protection or pressure needs, quadriplegics may require a Stealth Products® wheelchair cushion. Each cushion provides a different function, such as general use and skin protection and positioning. The TRU-Comfort 2 wheelchair cushion features a CoolCore® technology cover that is breathable and moisture wicking. In addition to CoolCore technology, the Spectrum® Foam and Spectrum® Gel cushions feature a urethane liner for incontinence and a contoured, high-density molded foam base.