Q-Logic 3
Q-Logic 3

Q-Logic 3 Advanced
Drive Control System

The Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control System from Quantum Rehab® is like no other power wheelchair electronics system. Designed from clinician and consumer feedback, Q-Logic 3 is user-friendly and highly customizable. This adaptable, expandable control system can increase and maximize independence. Q-Logic 3 with Bluetooth® and the infrared (IR) environmental controls enhances your independence.

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Interactive Assist

Get Interactive Assist!

Interactive Assist from Quantum Rehab® is an app which provides a direct real-time connection from a power chair’s electronics to a provider’s programming station. The connection provides the technician with full system and diagnostics information along with tools, such as a real-time mirror image of the power chair’s electronics display, to eliminate wasteful trips. Learn more about Interactive Assist.

Interactive Assist can be used with the Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control System and with the Q-Logic 3e controller. Download the app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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