The Story of the Edge 3 Stretto® Kids Wheelchair

You have been asking Quantum for a true power wheelchair for kids. The Edge 3 Stretto® kids wheelchair is the result of your feedback! While existing Quantum power chair bases are compatible with pediatric seating, the Edge 3 Stretto offers a narrower width that offers exceptional maneuvering in at school, on the playground and in the home.

Why Choose This Kids Wheelchair?

The Stretto has an overall width of 20.75 inches when 12.5-inch drive wheels are selected. The base has an overall width of 21.75 inches when 14-inch drive wheels are chosen.

The Stretto is compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 seating and offers a range of seating sizes, including sizes for kids. This kids wheelchair can be customized to meet the needs of your teenager or child. Available options include power recline, power tilt, iLevel® power adjustable seat height, static seating, Flex seating and power articulating foot platform.

The Edge 3 Stretto is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), which provides increased shock absorption due to shock angle on the power base. The spring rates are optimized for maximum obstacle climbing and overall comfort. Click here to learn more about independent SRS.

Are you wondering about kids wheelchair accessories? The Edge 3 Stretto comes standard with fun, cool features that appeal to children and teenagers. The USB charger port allows for electronic devices to be charged while on the go. From tablets to cell phones, your kid can power his or her device while driving the Stretto. This kids wheelchair also comes with front and rear LED fender lights, allowing him or her to see and be seen.

Benefits of iLevel on the Edge 3 Stretto

With optional iLevel on the Edge 3 Stretto, your son or daughter can feel empowered with power adjustable seat elevation that raises the seat of the Stretto up to 12 inches. See your kid’s confidence rise as they drive up to 3.5 mph while elevated. Patented Extra Stability Technology® ensures stability and enhances safety for completing daily activities, such as grooming, reaching and transferring. Click to learn more about iLevel for kids power wheelchairs.

Where Can I Find a Kids Power Wheelchair Near Me?

If your child has a medical condition that affects his or her mobility, they may qualify for a kids power wheelchair. Please schedule a face-to-face evaluation with your kid’s therapist or doctor. They can perform an evaluation to determine if your child may benefit from a complex rehab wheelchair, such as the Edge 3 Stretto.

If your child is prescribed a complex rehab power chair and a prescription is written, we can refer you to an authorized Quantum provider. They can assess your kid’s needs. A physical or occupational therapist may work with an Assistive Technology Professional, or ATP, to determine which kids wheelchair best suits your child. Click to learn more about the process of finding a wheelchair for disabled child.