Where Can I Buy Motorized Wheelchairs?

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that affects your mobility, you may qualify for a Quantum® Power Chair. Once you and your doctor or physical therapist have had a face-to-face evaluation to determine your mobility needs, they will be able to help you choose which electric wheelchair is best for you and may write you a prescription for your chair.

Then, you will be ready to purchase your wheelchair, but you may not know where to start. Quantum Rehab makes it easy to find local dealers near you! Just follow these simple steps:

Visit our website, quantumrehab.com

Click on the Find a Dealer button in the upper left corner of the homepage to go to our Quantum Dealer Locator

Enter your ZIP code, check the box, and hit search

You’ll see a list of authorized Quantum mobility product providers near your ZIP code.

You can adjust the mileage box to find a provider that is as close as five miles or as far as 100 miles from the ZIP code you entered

Understanding the Search Results

The search results of providers include the provider name, address and phone number, as well as if they offer iLevel or work with CareCredit. If you are unfamiliar with the address of the provider, you can also view directions and a map for added convenience. After obtaining the provider’s information, you can choose to contact the provider yourself, or request to be contacted. Just click the “Request to be Contacted” button on the right and fill out the form. The provider will then contact you directly.

Your doctor or physical therapist may work with an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who works for the authorized Quantum provider. ATPs are certified through RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America). Together, the therapist and ATP determine which motorized wheelchair and components benefit you the most.

Using Medicare or Medicaid to Buy a Motorized Wheelchair

Your Quantum provider also works with you regarding your insurance, Medicare and Medicaid coverage of your power wheelchair. If you are using Medicare or Medicaid to pay for a power wheelchair, we recommend confirming the provider you have chosen accepts Medicare or Medicaid. Either one may cover part of the cost of a power wheelchair if it’s medically necessary and your physician issues a prescription. Learn more about whether Medicare or Medicaid will pay for an electric wheelchair and the process of obtaining one through either program.

Buying a Power Wheelchair Through Private Insurance

If you have private insurance, we recommend that you contact your insurer to find out if they cover motorized wheelchairs. Insurance may cover a power wheelchair if it’s medically necessary and your doctor issues a prescription. Your insurance card will have a phone number you can dial to speak with a representative.

Funding for Power Wheelchairs

If your insurance doesn’t cover electric wheelchairs and you need help paying for one, many Quantum Rehab providers offer financing options. Hundreds of Quantum providers participate with CareCredit, a credit card that allows you to pay for medical equipment and services over time. The payment plan is based on your budget. There are also special promotional financing options available upon credit approval. Contact your provider today to find out how you can fill out an application to apply for CareCredit.