Why Lights Are Important on Wheelchairs

A power wheelchair has a lot of benefits. These wheelchairs are easy to use and provide convenience. Even with an electric motor, the chair is still controlled by the person in the chair, giving those with mobility issues a lot more independence. Power wheelchairs can be operated by hand using a joystick. There are also specialty drive controls available for those who cannot use a joystick. There are many different electrical wheelchairs on the market and, while there are many different features to choose from, some of the main features that provide a lot of benefits are LED lights.

Benefits of LED Lighting on Power Wheelchairs

Visibility: LED lights allow motorized wheelchair users to be seen and provide them with visibility as well. This is especially important when going through parking lots or crossing poorly lit intersections.

Safety: One of the main benefits of having lights on an electric wheelchair is for safety reasons. If wheelchairs users aren’t being seen when crossing the street or parking lot, accidents can happen.

Independence: When an electric wheelchair has lights, then the person using the wheelchair has more independence. Trips don’t have to be taken just during daylight hours and wheelchairs can be used any time of day. This is especially important during the winter and colder months when it gets darker earlier. By having proper lighting, wheelchair users can maintain independence no matter what time of year it is.

Why Use LED Lights on Electric Wheelchairs?

LED lights on a power wheelchair are more efficient that other traditional lighting sources. LED lights have a longer lifespan. An LED bulb can last 10 times as long as other bulbs. This reduces the lifetime costs and helps make sure you won’t have to replace the LED bulbs as often. LED lights on power wheelchairs are also safer, cool to the touch, and can be left on for hours without a drain on the power chair’s batteries.

Quantum Power Wheelchairs with LED Lights

The Edge 3 Power Chair comes standard with front and rear LED fender lights. The design of the Edge 3 power wheelchair is for the most advanced power chair experience ever! There is upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) to provide a better ride with advanced stability. The optional iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height is available at 4.5 mph with up to 12 inches of a power adjustable seat lift. iLevel technology provides increased safety when performing transfers, reaches, and other activities of daily living. In addition to fender lights, other great features of the Edge 3 include drive wheel color accents and a USB charger. There are 19 different color options, which include seven brand new colors. Learn more about iLevel.

The 4Front® Electric Wheelchair also comes standard with front and rear LED fender lights. The 4Front is a quiet and responsive front wheel drive chair that provides automotive-grade SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) for unprecedented ride quality and comfort. The SRS offers stability to make it easier for transitioning over uneven terrain and ensures better driving performance. The 4Front has speeds up to 6 mph when the seat is in the lower position and speeds up to 3.2 mph when it is elevated using the optional safe seat elevation. Learn more about the 4Front.