TRU Balance 3 HD Power Positioning System Features

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity (400 lbs. with iLevel® or safe seat elevation)
  • 50° of tilt
  • 85° - 175° of recline
  • Make fine adjustments while client is in the chair
  • Order your seat width independent of your back width at no additional charge
  • Internally or externally rotate cantilever armrests for optimal positioning
  • Easily retrofit power tilt and power recline
  • Easy back height and depth adjustment
  • Easy center of gravity adjustment
  • Complimentary cup holder
  • Premium accessories available
  • Optional attendant control available
  • Tool kit included for quick adjustments
  • Available in 16 back shroud colors (base dependent)
  • 10” Power Adjustable Seat Lift with iLevel® (Q6 Edge HD only)
    • iLevel's Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living
    • 400 lbs. weight capacity
    • iLevel enables the unit to drive up to 3.5 mph while elevated at 10” of lift
    • LED fender lights standard with iLevel
    • 20” x 20” minimum seat sizes with iLevel
    • 24” x 25” maximum seat sizes with iLevel
  • 10” safe seat elevation (4Front® 2 HD only)
    • Safe seat elevation option enables up to 10” of seat elevation while at speeds up to 2.7 mph
    • 400 lbs. weight capacity
    • 22” depth maximum with safe seat elevation, power tilt, and power recline

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