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A Lot of Life Happens at Eye Level

iLevel® Driving Tips

Building confidence with iLevel
There are four pre-programmed drive profiles in your Q-Logic 2 controller so you can choose various operational speeds to help you build confidence as you begin to use iLevel.

Getting started with Drive Profile 1 -
Your power chair will operate at a reduced speed in this profile, allowing you to get the benefits of iLevel suspension while becoming more comfortable with the feel of the unit.

Example of screen Drive Profile 1 (P1) Example of screen Drive Profile 1 (P1)

Drive Profile 2 -
This profile offers added speed. Your power chair can travel from 1.2 – 2.5 mph (1.9 – 4 km/h).*

*Limited outdoor use. Refer to owner’s manual.

Q-Logic 2

Drive Profiles 3 and 4 -
These profiles are each a little faster and will allow you to drive up to 3.5 mph (4.8 km/h) when iLevel is engaged. They should be used only when you are used to the feeling of driving with the seat elevated and maneuvering within your environment.*

*Limited outdoor use. Refer to owner’s manual.

Example of screen Drive Profile 4 (P4) Example of screen Drive Profile 4 (P4)

Elevate on the Go

  • Elevates 2” in 4 seconds at full speed, up to 6 mph (up to 4.7 mph on the Q6 Edge® HD Power Chair)
  • Half-speed inhibit when elevated more than 2”
  • Lowers completely in 16 seconds (24 seconds on the Q6 Edge HD Power Chair)
NOTE: If your iLevel drive profiles are different than those described, please contact your Quantum Rehab provider. Your Quantum Rehab provider may have changed the programming of your Q-Logic 2 controller.

"iLevel Not Engaged" Message
If your chair is on uneven terrain the controller will display the "iLevel Not Engaged" message pictured on the right.

iLevel Not Engaged Warning Screen

About Quantum Rehab

Quantum Rehab® was born out of the desire to delight customers with the most advanced, consumer-inspired complex rehab power wheelchairs and related technologies possible.

At Quantum, consumer needs and wishes are the driving force. We’re dedicated to not just meeting medical and clinical needs, but also quality-of-life needs. From the most advanced power seating for pressure management to USB ports, Bluetooth and fender lights, no consumer need is overlooked.

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