Quantum Q6 Edge HD
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Quantum Q6 Edge HD

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With features like standard 4-pole motors, Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the Q6 Edge® HD is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user. The Q6 Edge HD accepts a complete range of seating and electronics options to deliver exceptional rehab capability at an excellent value.

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HD Power Tilt

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • 50º of tilt
  • Easy, unmatched adjustment and durability
  • Maintains center of gravity shift
  • Available in 10 back shroud colors

10" HD Power Adjustable Seat Lift

  • Offers 10" of lift
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Seating sizes up to 24” x 25”
  • Adjustable seat-to-floor height aids in daily transfers
  • Allows easy access to batteries

HD Power Recline

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • 85° - 175° of recline
  • Does not increase seat-to-floor height
  • Standard shear reduction and cantilever armrests
  • Available in 10 back shroud colors

HD Static Seating

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • Easily adjustable and versatile design that can grow with the client
  • Easy customization
  • Width: 20" - 32"; depth: 20" - 25"
  • Accepts a wide variety of after-market seats and backs 20° of limited recline adjustment (-5 / +15) via gas strut within back cover

  • 600 lbs. weight capacity
  • Maximum speed up to 4.5 mph
  • High-performance, high-efficiency motor package
  • Accepts a wide range of seating and positioning systems

Note: Weight capacities and minimum/maximum dimensions may vary by model.


  • More programming and customization options for a smooth ride
  • Larger 2.8" LCD Screen
  • Built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjust screen brightness
  • Controller armor available in color matching options
  • Enhanced horn volume

  • Color LCD screen displays system functions clearly at a glance
  • On-screen data includes battery gauge, speedometer, odometer, real-time clock, mode settings, speed dial settings, drive status, and seat functions
  • Easy access to power, mode, horn and menu buttons and speed dial
  • Auxiliary jacks are built-in for the use of additional adaptive switch input devices
  • Programmable reminder feature provides on-screen alerts to remind users to take medication, perform weight shifts, recharge batteries, etc. (customized reminders must be set up by a Provider or clinician)

  • Non-expandable rehab electronics deliver simplicity without limiting features
  • Features an easy to read data display, soft touch buttons and charger port
  • For use with power chairs without power seating options

  • Non-expandable rehab electronics deliver simplicity without limiting features
  • Features an easy to read data display, soft touch buttons and charger port
  • Offers 2-actuator control for TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems
  • Standard 1/8" auxiliary port for adaptive switches
  • Mid-Wheel 6® allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability
  • Compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 HD Power Positioning Systems
  • Available with Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System, which offers Bluetooth® access to computer, tablet and phone functions
  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • Low impact OMNI-Casters (nylon, spherical-shaped casters) on front and rear prevent wheel hang-ups
  • ATX Suspension (Active-Trac® with extra stability) incorporates front OMNI-Casters and semi-independent rear caster beam for enhanced performance over more varied terrain

ModelQ6 Edge HD
Drive Wheels14" Solid
Optional: 14" Pneumatic
Caster WheelsFront: 6" Solid
Rear: 6" Solid
Anti-Tip WheelsN/A
Maximum Speed4Up to 4.7 mph
Ground Clearance3" (frame center)
Turning Radius519.75"
Overall Length35.6" without foot riggings
Base Width26.25"
Seating SizesTRU-Balance® 2 HD
Synergy®/Static: W: 20-28" D: 20-28"
Power Tilt: W: 20-28" D: 20-28"
Lift & Tilt: N/A
TRU-Balance® 3 HD
Synergy®/Static: W: 20-32" D: 20-28"
Power Tilt: W: 20-32" D: 20-25"
Lift & Tilt: W: 20-24" D: 20-25"
Seat-to-Floor HeightsTRU-Balance® 2 HD
Synergy®/Static8: 16.5-18.5"
Power Tilt8: 18.2-20.9"
Lift & Tilt8: N/A
TRU-Balance® 3 HD
Synergy®/Static8: 17.5-19.5"
Power Tilt8: 18.5-20.5"
Lift & Tilt8: 17.75-19.75"
Manual Tilt/Recline10No
Battery Size6Group 24
Battery Weight1452 lbs.
Available Electronics1275A Q-Logic 2 NE
75A Q-Logic 2 NE+
100A Q-Logic 2 EX
Battery Charger8A Off-board
Motor Packages4-Pole 4.7 mph1
Weight Capacity7450 lbs.15
Base Weight143.5 lbs.
Medicare Code CoverageGroup 3:
Heavy Duty (K0850/K0851)
Single Power HD (K0858)
Multiple Power HD (K0862)
3Requires HD Suspension
4Speed varies with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition and tire pressure.
5Without front riggings
6Battery capacity may change when adding power positioning systems.
7Weight capacity is dictated by the selection of seating.
8All measurement +/- 1/8" with 18" x 18" seat, fixed towers, 300 lbs. weight capacity and solid tires (add 3/8" with pneumatic tires). Widths may increase seat-to-floor height. Contact Customer Service for details. Limited measurements are in the lowest position; does not include elevating system unless specified.
9250 lbs. weight capacity with TRU-Balance® Systems
10The Synergy® Manual Tilt weight capacity is 75 lbs. and maximum dimensions are 14"W x 14"D. Maximum dimensions of the Manual Recline vary by power base and seating system. Call for details.
11Requires Group 34 batteries
12All Quantum Rehab® units can be ordered with specialty controls
13Required with high-speed motors
14Battery weight may vary +/- 3 lbs. based on manufacturer.
15Weight capacity is reduced to 400 lbs. with the 10" Lift.

The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.