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Q-Logic 3

What Can I Do with Q-Logic 3?

Maximize Your Independence

The Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls System for power wheelchairs is standard with Bluetooth®, allowing you to program your Q-Logic 3 to operate your smart device if it is Bluetooth enabled.

The Benefits:

Use Q-Logic 3 Bluetooth programming to pair your power chair with a variety of devices. This allows you to operate your smart phone or tablet using your Q-Logic 3 screen.

  • Program a Bluetooth mouse to work on your Windows® desktop
  • Apple® iPhone® or iPad®
  • Android™ phone or tablet

How It Works:

Use Q-Logic 3 to search for your smart device, and then enable Bluetooth on your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Q-Logic 3 pairs with the device, allowing you to operate your device using the joystick on Q-Logic 3.

Control Your Environment

Q-Logic 3 can operate a wide range of appliances that use infrared (IR) remote controls. Use Q-Logic 3 in conjunction with the optional Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display, which has built-in environmental controls.

The Benefits:

  • Television: change channels, increase or decrease volume
  • Thermostat: adjust temperature settings
  • Lights: turn on or off, adjust dimness
  • Fan: change direction, speed, turn on or off

How It Works:

Use ECON-I on your iPad® or ECON-W on your Windows® desktop to program each household device. Using Enhanced Display, Q-Logic 3 learns each “signal” of each command from the household device. For example, if programming a window fan so it can be operated via Enhanced Display, each function of the fan, such as on, off, speed and change direction, has a unique signal. Select the specific function on your Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display and Q-Logic 3 will communicate the signal to the household device.

Q-Logic 3 Bluetooth Econ-I Basic Operating Instructions

Q-Logic 3 Bluetooth Econ-W Basic Operating Instructions

Q-Logic 3 is available on the Edge 3 Stretto®, Edge® 3, 4Front®, Q6 Edge® 2.0, Q6 Edge® 2.0 X, Q6 Edge® HD, Q6 Edge® Z and Q1450 power chairs.

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